Expert Witness Testimony

crack ga 8 x 6The W.H. Coltzer team of expert testimony witnesses, led by William (Bill) H. Coltzer Jr., AIA, has built their reputation on professionalism, preparation and expert industry knowledge.

Our team of industry experts will research and decipher the technical language used in contracts to provide detailed reports, documentation and presentations to better serve your case. Our established  protocols ensure adherence to specific project procedures, dispute resolution and claims handling, coordinating with legal counsel throughout the entire preparation and dispute resolution process.

Our expert witness testimony enables clarity in depositions and enables objectivity in an honest demeanor on the stand, in legal cases requiring expertise in Building Envelope Systems and the building’s interior. We have nearly 50 years experience and expertise in the industry, the W.H. Coltzer team has testified on behalf of attorneys, litigators, and the courts with expertise in analyzing infrastructures to isolate the issues and identify problems in:

  • building assembly failurespavers-building-assembly-failures
  • delays
  • code compliance
  • construction costs
  • defects
  • economic damages.

Regardless of the type of case you are working with, whether it is a safety equipment issue, building construction, errors during the construction process, we will provide you with the right expert and data to meet the particular needs of your case.