Our Clients

WH Coltzer partners with our clients, listen to their needs then use our technical expertise to go above and beyond to investigate why their building is not performing on every level. With our experience in the construction process, we provide a wealth of knowledge to attorneys and their respective clients to determine who is at fault and bring them to justice.

Legal Support

Some of our clients include the top attorneys in their field, including:

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  • Harrison Steck
  • Harrison Steck
  • Germer
  • BVMB

Guidance for Developers
We can provide assistance in building best practices to developers who are looking to up their quality assurance practices that assure they are protected from future incidents.
Guidance for Insurance Companies
Inevitably cases involve insurance come into play during construction or in legal disputes. We work with insurance companies to provide construction consulting, evaluate and review claims and determine if costs are in line with the claim.
Architectural Support
Our close relationship with Z6 Consulting and Z6 Commissioning enables us to provide a unique portfolio of architectural support services that can aid in selecting better materials and assuring quality assurance that can prevent future costs and issues from ever occurring. Ask us about our forensic construction consulting services for more information in this area.