Forensic Architecture

thermographic-imagingIf you’re dealing with building failures, our thorough analysis of interior and exterior building components helps guide you through the intricacies of building systems and environmental factors that can cause major construction defects. At W.H. Coltzer our forensic architecture services offer creative solutions related to defect litigation, insurance disputes, contractor disputes and other issues that can hinder a building’s performance.

What’s wrong?

Finding the exact problems with design, installation, or manufacturer defects takes an experienced eye and a team of diverse consultants with expertise in different fields. Identifying what the issue is, how it started and evolved, and what phase of construction should have been responsible for preventing this issue is important as it leads to the inevitable following question Who’s at fault?

Expert witnesses and tools are needed  to help determine the cause of the issue and whether incidents are preventable. We can provide a number of these tools and expertise areas including:

  • Building Diagrams
  • Photoshop Enhanced Photography
  • Various field instruments for on-site material testing
  • Thermographic imaging
  • Failure Diagrams

Who’s at fault?

dsc00146Something’s gone wrong. Was it faulty design?  Improper installation?  Manufacturer defect?  W.H. Coltzer can identify who was at fault, and support the claim with evidence that can directly impact your case. We have  direct, applicable experience consulting on various types of large commercial buildings, from healthcare facilities and laboratories, to apartment buildings and business complexes.

W.H. Coltzer has over 50 years’ experience in the construction industry. Even seemingly unique problems can be solved using our tested, validated solutions. The result is  powerful and credible evidence used to verify witnesses. Once the fault is determined, the final question is “How do I fix it?”

How do I fix it?

Once the problem is identified, W.H. Coltzer can deliver architectural sketches and engineering diagrams to correct the issues. We  can also provide on-site personnel while  building defects are remediated. This includes  an experienced staff of architects, engineers, consultants, and field inspectors to complete repairs and retrofit facilities to the highest standards.

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